The following are counselling and therapy services provided by Bright Hope Australia: Individual Counselling Relationship Counselling Family Counselling Grief and Loss Therapy Addiction Therapy Group Therapy Psychosocial Recovery     1. INDIVIDUAL COUNSELLING         2. RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING         3. FAMILY COUNSELLING         4. GRIEF & LOSS THERAPY         5. ADDICTION THERAPY         6. GROUP THERAPY         7. PSYCHOSOCIAL RECOVERY         MODE of Service Choose how you would like your service to be delivered. more »     HOME


We provide talks on the subjects of Christian Mental Health: Broken Heart and Healing Generational Curses, Addictions, and Compulsive Behaviors Lies, Anger and Self Esteem Bruise and Trauma Mourning, Grief and Loss Judgment and Consequences Tongue, Death and Life Vengeance Repentance and Freedom The Mind, Emotions and Behavior HOME


Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free, confidential counselling, coaching and wellbeing service accessible to employees and their immediate family. If your mental health, wellbeing and happiness is affected by personal, family and work related issues, EAP can help. All sessions are held in confidence. Find out from your Human Resources team for details. HOME


Bright Hope Australia has brought about an holistic approach to my healing over the last year that I would have never imagined happening ever. It allowed me to open up my heart to the process of understanding how God is at work in my life, fighting for me and fighting with me. Grateful for the opportunity to have traced the roots of patterns in my behaviour throughout my sessions and learning to see it through God's grace and forgiveness for myself and others. My time and journey with Bright Hope Australia was one where I felt genuine care and support through each session. Never felt judged, but was always encouraged to not be afraid to unearth the root issues of the struggles I was facing. I am grateful for the Godly counsel, the life- giving words that were continuously spoken over my life and the skills I was equipped with to be able to deal and continue to heal from my anxieties and hurts. A God-fearing space of safety is what I experienced and I will forever be gra